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  • History

    An overview of important milestones in the successful history of Degradable Solutions.



    The company was founded as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich. The starting phase of Degradable Solutions was supported by the Start-Up! program of the Swiss National Commission of Technology and Innovation (KTI).


    Launch of Resorb-X®. The first amorphous, fully resorbable fixation system in CMF surgery (for KLS Martin).


    Launch of RootReplica®, which allowed the closure of the bone wound using an exact copy of the tooth root made from degradable bone augmentation biomaterial. 

    RootReplica® received the TOP 10 Product award at the IDS.


    Swiss Technology Award.


    Launch of easy-graft®, he first in-situ hardening, but porous synthetic bone defect filler. A unique composition of bioceramics and biopolymers enables creation of a new generation of bone grafts (for GUIDOR). The product rapidly advanced to number 3 in the European Dental Market.


    easy-graft® crystal received the TOP 10 product award at the IDS.


    Degradable Solutions AG and the Japanese/Swiss Sunstar Group join forces to become one of the major players in the field of oral care.