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  • Manufacturing Facilities

    Thanks to our manufacturing facilities, we offer our customers high-quality products from one source.

  • Cleanroom manufacturing


    We have installed two GMP cleanrooms to allow high-quality manufacturing of biomaterial implants

    (class 7).







  • Assembling


    We perform product assembly in class C cleanrooms using validated processes.








  • Packaging


    We offer state-of-the-art packaging solutions:


    • Double sterile packaging
    • Blister technology
    • Assembling and packaging according to class 7 cleanrooms






  • Sterilization


    We have established validated processes for sterilization using:


    • gamma-irradiation









  • Structural damage to injection-molded polylactic acid rods after gas sterilization (right) compared to an unsterilized rod (left) and gamma-irradiated rod (center)
  • Analytics


    With a proven track record in degradable polymers and calcium phosphates, we have developed highly specialized expertise in analytical methods for resorbable polymers and bioceramics.


    • Identification and structure elucidation of polymers and bioceramics (FTIR spectroscopy)
    • Determination of rheological properties of polymers (inherent viscosity by capillary viscosimetry)
    • Determination of chemical and physical characteristics (such as pH, density, solubility, loss on drying)
    • Karl Fischer titration method suited to measure water contents in the range of 1 ppm to 5 %


    For more details please consult the download table.